1. Face recognition fail. Angelina has to be pointed out to him.

  2. Hopefully his next movie is World War: Hair Cut.

  3. “If I put the glasses in my mouth, I will look smart.”

  4. huh?

    “yeah shheeeee? ya’ll never take me alive sheeee?”

  5. Icehawg

    “Man-o-man…look at them titties….”

  6. jj

    the hand is pointing to the nearest barber

  7. “Mr. Pitt, aren’t those your kids?”
    “No. They don’t look familiar .”

  8. “So where is that homely chubette from the other day? She still owes me a blowjob.”

  9. catapostrophe

    “Brad, there’s a deli right over there.”

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