1. Girl: *sniff sniff* “Ugh, what’s that smell?”
    Adrian: “Um, the bear is dirty. Yeah.”

  2. Sure, but when I bring a bear to young girls I get called a creep and tasered.

  3. Looks like Russel Brand showered so he could get closer to kids.

  4. Mr. Poop

    Vince looking a little too much like Rosie O here

  5. That girl got introduced to douches a few years too early.

  6. Looks like Mena Suvari in the middle.

  7. How long did it take for Chris Hansen to show up?

  8. “No, his name isn’t ‘Peter Bear,’ it’s…”

  9. For some reason, “The Adventures of Smegma the Bear” never really found an audience.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    His smile is faked, but he was sporting a real one when he was told he’d be required to embrace a young child with a pink teddy.

  11. cordell walker

    amber alert!

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