1. coljack

    Excuse me, Goodwill? Yes, I was specifically told my gam gam’s couch would go to a family in need!

  2. Whitney’s looking quite doable these days.

  3. Bet she swallows….

  4. I’m just glad to see her out and about. That sitcom shit almost killed her.

  5. CT

    I wish someone would fuck the stupid jokes out of her.

  6. Johnny Barbells

    …she’s hot as shit …til you give her a TV show.

  7. JimBB

    She had to fuck so many Indians for that dress.

  8. She’s responsible for “2 Broke Girls” so I have to thank her for putting Kat Dennings on TV on a regular basis. She’s doing god’s work.

    I’m getting a slutty Wednesday Addams vibe here.

  9. creemygoodness

    Cher is finally starting to look her age

  10. Kenneth

    Whitney: “Dave Letterman promised to make me his new intern if I guzzled his spunk… it tasted like burnt toast -on-a-stick”

  11. Not everyone can make clothes out of a kitchen rug.

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