1. “Is that Riccardo? Let me just slip this thing off …”

  2. Short Round

    Any man who can convince himself he’s in love with Kim deserves to be at a creativity festival.

  3. I guess it was too warm outside for leather jogging pants.

  4. The panel for the Festival of Narcissism and Self-Indulgence must have already been full.

  5. Princess Leia said it best when she said: “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I though”.

  6. Freebie

    Does he know his wife is flapping her tits with his daughter in the streets of New York. Does he care?

  7. “I’m sorry, I don’t speak French. What does ‘un cuckold douchebag’ mean in English?”

  8. “Is it true that Sir Mix-a-lot wrote his famous song about your wife when she was a baby?”

  9. “Damn, y’all. Yeezy needs a boat.”

  10. Every time he does that underbite thing, I imagine his next line is spoken like Karl from Slingblade

  11. ” Who said my wife looks like a Hobbit ?”

  12. Years later, and he’s still struggling to ‘get’ the fishsticks joke.

  13. Bob

    That face says he just got “Kardashian” in the spelling bee.

  14. Kenneth

    Kanye: “Est-ce que votre femme un Hobbit? Could I get a translation please… oh hell no, my bitch ain’t no Hobbit… how I get married in Paris, France if my bitch is a Hobbit? Bam! “

  15. “Hey, you. Yeah you…the guy with the great tan. Don’t just sit there. Get off your ass and shampoo that guy’s hair.”

  16. “Damn… this ring just don’t come off. Man, what the hell was I thinkin’ agreeing to have a baby with the devil’s daughter? I already HAD fame and money. Yeezus, you done and gotten yourself into another fine pickle”.

  17. Voice of Reisling

    This is what you really wanted, huhhhhhhhhhhhh?

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