1. it had to be said

    No bueno.

  2. Short Round

    She’s actually breaking in. That is a locked door she managed to open just by leveraging it against her ginormous ass.

  3. Her ass is afraid she’s going to the gym and is trying to head the other way.

  4. AteIsEnough

    That ass is huge. I’m surprised it doesn’t have an orbit!

  5. She’s gonna need both those doors to open.

  6. She’s going to have to open both doors.

  7. Joe Blowj

    If she walks backwards, does a warning beeper go off?

  8. dennis

    I wonder how much it cost to install door glass that makes her ass look smaller in their reflection?

  9. Truthfully, Kim is looking better and better these days, at least everywhere but…. there.

    On No!!! It’s the “Ass of Dorian Grey”!!

  10. Fly me to the moooo …. ♪

  11. Icehawg

    …..the hell? That doesn’t look like the service entrance. How she gonna get that thing through a normal doorway?

  12. Sloppy Redneck

    Now thats a lumpy butt ..

  13. Kenneth

    The Diaper is Full!

  14. “We’re gonna need a bigger door!”

  15. Everything that can be said about Kim Kardashian has already been said here by people much less fucked in the head than I am.

  16. Shortly after this pic was taken, Kim attacked her reflection in the window, mistaking it for another whore.

  17. Ah hah, caught ya looking’ at yourself. Always lookin’ out of the corner of he eye for the paps, too. Narcissus loved his reflection so much he drowned in it! *heads for the nearest wishing well*

  18. Ron

    Why does it suddenly smell like pee?

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