1. Short Round

    Looks like the drugs are wearing off or his medication started working because he looks almost normal.

  2. I still would.

    Hit him with a shovel, I mean.

  3. brick

    “Yep I’m on douchebag patrol and yes I am fully aware I will be capturing myself before the end of the day.”

  4. Is that a man or a woman behind him?

  5. meeps!

    Jason Schwartzman is not amused…

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    The bottom of his boot is the size of a tennis racket. I guess you need wide sizes to hold up that much douche.

  7. ” What did you say, I’ll end you with my greasy douche bag attitude!!”

  8. The real question is who keeps taking pictures oh him….

  9. Zohan

    Fuck you, Shia.

  10. Icehawg

    Fun fact : not five minutes ago the dude behind Shia was a Rastafarian street performer. THAT is the power levels of douchebaggery Shia produces.

  11. LMAO at the person behind him whose expression clearly is
    “This guy looks like a fucking douche”

  12. So, this is what the anthropomorphic version of a queef would look like.

  13. The stench on those jeans is so strong that it split off and individuated into its own fully autonomous stenches that grew up, moved out, dated some, tried drugs, experimented sexually, graduated college and ultimately went on to become douchebags.

  14. I’m gonna stomp you, romper stomper stomper, with my big fuckin boots!

  15. Looks like he wasn’t kidding. He really isn’t famous anymore.

  16. “hey Shia, when is the next ‘Transformers’ movie coming out? oh right, never mind. I’ll ask Megan Fox…oh right”

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