1. Don Draper's Dad

    Pretty sure that violates some sort of court order.

  2. Which of you lovely young ladies would like some cocaine? Adderall?

  3. They love his work on Handy Manny.

  4. anonymous

    Trollin’ for his next conquest.

  5. “In Fez’s country, you’re legal…”

  6. “Choo are legal in my heart.”

  7. jack

    “See you in a few years.”

  8. George P Burdell

    I think one of the blury guys in the background is ‚ÄéChris Hansen.

  9. Zohan

    Supreme douche – however this guy has aged well..

  10. JimBB

    Too old….Too old…..Too old….

  11. Yeah, this seems about right for him.

  12. “Come with me children, I am the pied piper. Who wants to play with the flute in my pants?”

  13. BlackManUSA

    “I got-”

    SHE WAS HOT!’ ….and we can be next if we play nice.
    And ‘I was on a show with Ashton Kutcher’.
    Just pick up our car, PLEASE!?!?!”

  14. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “I want to buy your daughter… how much for the little girl?”

  15. tlmck

    Wow! A young girl for Wilmer and a maid for Arnold.

  16. “I want to introduce my fiance Sarah. We’re planning on getting married right after recess. Or maybe we’ll wait until summer break starts.”

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