1. YadaYada

    Is that Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  2. Pretty sure I saw that porn on betamax.

  3. I thought Linda Lovelace was dead.

    And looking at this picture, I still think that.

  4. RK

    there is not gaga, only zuul

  5. RK

    there is NO gaga, only zuul…..

    how’d I f that up, right?

  6. Lady Gaga – Now with 20% more Dee Snider! ™

  7. Joe Blow


  8. Dirk Diggler

    Goddamn I miss 80′s porn

  9. Flatliner

    That woman’s expression in the background says it all.

  10. I introduce to you ” Pickle Tits” Lady GaGa’s alternative ego.

  11. “Is this what you want? I’m all yours now, Tony, you see? Just ignore the bulge…”

  12. Even Kim Kardashian was embarrassed.

  13. Asian dude behind her: “Stay back! Gojira may attack!”

  14. renotastic

    That’s the building in which she lives.

  15. Whoa. She looks pretty damn good. This is a great look for her.

  16. Icehawg

    That is one hell of a boner Gaga has.

  17. If she is looking for the party at Studio 54, she is about 35 years too late.

  18. tlmck

    She’s pretty hot from the neck up.

  19. Oh, just fuck off already.

  20. Wow. She looks pretty fuckin’ good to me. I could stomach her if she looked like that all the time.

  21. wontstop

    It looks like Alicia Keys has Michael Jackson syndrome.

  22. “Are you the Keymaster?”

  23. silly wrabbit...

    …that’s not Lady Gaga, that’s a tranny.

  24. You would think Solange would be a little more discrete after the elevator fiasco.

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