1. “What the hell is this?”
    “I told you, honey—shrinkage.”

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever looked that sad about a pool handy.

  3. brick

    “You know that wad of pubic hair I ripped from my crotch yesterday? Today, it’s your turn!”

  4. o'chunt

    Hey, that’s Kenny Powers!

  5. Karma

    I dunno, she looked pretty damn good on Fargo
    with her tits shoved all the way up. I’d take that ride.
    So the rest of her looks like 2 month old Cottage Cheese.
    Just never look down, and never, ever look back.

  6. One of them peed in the pool and the other is pissed about it..

  7. Underwater porn is awesome.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    “…you told me you definitely were not jon lovitz …ooooh, i am so mad at you right now.”

  9. JimBB


  10. “Is it in yet?”

  11. “Oh, God… I think I’ve made a terrible mistake”
    “But… I was saying booo-urns…”

  12. Ygritte realizing that was not Jon Snow she just blew.

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