1. “Yer mudda wears army boots!”

    What do you mean, that’s not an insult anymore?

  2. So is she a lesbian now? and if so come on Fish more girl on girl pics of her and her GF please….

  3. “Fuck, no! I’m never getting on that damn boat AGAIN!!”

  4. Karma

    The cover picture for Irelands new best seller…
    “Daddy’s Dirty Little Dyke…”

  5. I think she’s sexy. I’d love to have those thick legs wrapped around my waist.

  6. JimBB

    “Now where is this audition for this big movie opportunity again?”

    “Just look for the door behind the dumpster.”

  7. Swearin

    Someone call Blade, the vampires have learned the secrets of daywalking…

  8. Kenneth

    Alec Baldwin: “You little piglet, I can see your Vagina in these pictures!!! Go bend yourself into a pretzel like your evil stepmom, Hillariattentionwhore.”

    Spawn Baldwin: “But daddy, I’m a model”

    Alec Baldwin: “Give me a break, modeling means you actually make money doing it… I’ve been greasing every photographer in town to take your picture and they all say you’re a little piglet!”

  9. “Hello, Terry Richardson? I’m a struggling model still new to the scene and I was wondering if I could book a closed set photo shoot with you in the immediate future? What’s that? Tomorrow?! Great!! Oh, my name? It’s Ireland Baldwin. That’s spelled, I-R-… *click* Hello? HELLO?!”

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