1. So…Lady Gaga is in charge of royal costuming now?

  2. kimmykimkim


  3. I’d wear a noose around my neck too, if I had to go out in public wearing those drapes.

  4. Robb

    Keep your pimp and strong old sport, cheery ho!

  5. Double D

    Outfits like that are what make British kings look like queens.

  6. Ismoss

    Ooooo I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day and I like to put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars.

  7. Jenny with a Y

    I didn’t know Sign of the Beef Carver was hiring.

  8. Turd Ferguson


  9. AleisterCrowley

    Whatever it takes to hide the bald is ok by me.

  10. That hat… bowl of soup… ah, fuhgeddaboutit.

  11. Zombie Kitty

    Snoop Dogg is sitting somewhere devastated by this genius

  12. Pirate Hunter

    “I’m a grown chap! Married for fuck’s sake! I can’t wait til I’m king so grandma can’t dress up her ‘handsome little man’ anymore”…

  13. whiskeyafternoon

    Parliament Funkadelic gets whiter and whiter every year. Just like Michael Jackson. perhaps there is something about being mainstream that blanches the soul.

  14. Elle

    “Don’t worry Kate, my hat will distract from Pippa’s arse”

  15. Try to get more British than this. Just try.

  16. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    It’s moments like these when you understand the mindset of the European man just a little bit more. Moammar Gadhafi too for that matter.

  17. Okay, there’s a Half-Windsor Knot, a Full-Windsor Knot, so I guess that rope is the William Windsor Knot?

  18. Sin

    This concludes our tour of the Ministry of Goofy Dressing, next, the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  19. tlmck

    If I had his kind of money, I would sit on top of Big Ben buck naked and quack like a duck if they asked me to.

  20. rough sexy

    What year is this?

  21. Must be one helluva garter.

  22. ghost

    This must be why America was founded.

  23. journalschism

    “Gotta get all ig’nant up in here when hoes be slow wit dat paper. Check it.”

  24. MisterSuccint

    J.K. Rowling today announced an eighth novel: Harry Potter and the Halloween Debacle.

  25. Throjo

    “Lord Reginald Poshtwat, at your service…milady.”

  26. Steelerchick

    Isn’t he the guy on the gin bottle??

  27. cc

    We NEED to see Dinklage in this!

  28. dontlooknow

    “The Brits invented bling, bitches!”

  29. Kahran

    That is unbelievably pimp. I’d wear that every time I went out in public.

  30. j/k

    “Got a little Captain in You?”

  31. ArtGirl

    As per Royal protocol, William attended the service dressed as the Presidential box from Ford’s Theater, while Kate (not pictured) wore a beard and a stove-pipe hat.

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