1. Do she and Kim Kardashian just share a closet?

  2. why does she have pot lip? hmmm…

  3. Ismoss

    Know how I know its not real,? I can see the zipper.

  4. Pirate Hunter

    There’s nothing funny here. I wanna bang her.

  5. rough sexy

    You see this? the check to that particular pap probably hasn’t been cleared. good shot but not full view.

    People have all type of conspiracy theories going. This is mine.

  6. It looks like her ass is sending us a message. D… I… R… A… Oh my god, is it trying to spell diarrhea??? Run for your lives!!

  7. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Where is this Lodon? Is it one of the cities on that wide, flat pampas-like region of her ass?

  8. cutthecrap

    and somewhere Ben Affleck is jerking off…..

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