1. Holy Crap!

    It seriously took me 5 seconds to realize that wasn’t Hasselhoff.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “What do you mean ‘”Behind the Candelabra” is done filming?’ I’ll wear as much lipstick as I want!”

  3. that guys about to slap the lipstick right off his face.

  4. Never looked gayer.

  5. apparently you CAN’T slap the orange off someone.

  6. Surprised nobody has Photoshopped a penis into the hand.

  7. Batu Khan

    Suddenly, the hand from U2′s music video ‘Numb.’

  8. Cursed to walk the earth, forever stuck between the forms of David Hasselhoff and Ray Liotta.

  9. rospo

    thought it was David Hasselhoff.

  10. JanusUranus

    I’d hate to see the rest of his date. Her hand’s the size of Rob’s head!

  11. Hey hey hey….the face! Don’t touch the face!

  12. Nothing line a tan line around the hair to show where you stopped applying the fake colour.

  13. BenDoverman

    “No you can’t borrow my lipstick! Freeeak!”

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