1. journalschism

    Is he Steel a Man?

  2. “Wh-why am I here…?”

  3. MisterSuccint

    Man of 0.4 Steals*

    * Career average per game

  4. JennywithaY

    I guess he has to dress himself, now.

    There’s really no joke there, it was just a sad observation.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Who did he pretend to be married to to get into that premiere?

  6. 10th caller to the radio station?

  7. Mista Snazzy

    Man of Turds at the Man of Steel Premiere!!!


  8. Batu Khan

    I have a short message to Kanye: Ha-Ha!

  9. Despite his flaws, he got out from under KK, unlike Kanye. For that, “Man of Steel” is fitting.

    • So, if I understand you correctly, knocking up a woman, repugnant as she may be, then bailing on her prior to the birth, is something to admire?

      • I think you misunderstand, Vito. I applaud Kris for distancing himself from Kim before there were too many entanglements, though the whole thing should have been avoided in the first place. Unless you meant that Kris got her or someone else pregnant and then bolted, in which case that’s news to me. As far as I’m aware, only Kanye is guilty of that.

        I definitely don’t admire people abandoning children or families, unless it’s something agreed upon by all parties.

        GAAH! Too many people with K names!

  10. celebutard


  11. JanusUranus

    Trog like superman..

  12. PathosAvenger

    Hey you! Move! You’re blocking the movie poster…And tuck in yer damned shirt!

  13. The smirk of a man who now has a Swiss Bank Account that has been filled with Kardashian gold (probably to the tune of low eight figures). Do you really think he gave in on the annulment and signed the divorce papers without a large chunk of money laundered in his direction?

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