1. Josephus

    I would have thought he’d have a driver, but apparently “Yeezus Walks.”

  2. Looks like he made his assistant cry.

  3. “Look dog, I’m sorry I told you there’s no Tooth Fairy. Yeezy was just kidding.”

  4. Funny, when he is out with everyone else but Kim he looks at them as they are walking like they are together.

  5. Batu Khan

    What?! KIM?! Where?! How?!

  6. That guy’s job is to throw himself in front of any street signs before they can hit Kanye.

  7. lawn

    He always looks pissed off these days. I wonder why.

  8. angerinside

    Now remember y’all, Yeezus is payin’ ya to jump in front of anything that looks like a pregnant bear and it’s momma. Yeezus ain’t goin’ out like dat!

  9. JanusUranus

    Andre answered Kanye’s ad for a permanently pissed off black man to stand in for him come labor day. All he needs is a hoodie ,dark sunglasses ,and a Mr T starter kit. He’s pretty much a natural at the pissed off part.

  10. Even the dude in the blue jacket looks like he does not want to be around him. Why is Dominic Purcell behind them?

  11. No, man I won’t go I to the delivery room, so stop asking! I saw her ass on the video, like everybody else. Once was enough.

  12. Dave Chapelle wonders how it got to this…

  13. cc

    If ever there was a time for an octogenarian to lost control and jump the curb.

  14. JW

    Darth Yeezus…

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