1. White Cheetah is lookin’ really skinny.

  2. You could stand to gain 10 pounds, Denise. You used to be so sexy.

  3. Shoes are hideous, lime green flash dress is hideous, Farrah Fawcett 80′s hair is hideous.

    I like the bellhops rubber glove though. He’s gonna fist her when she gets into the car.

  4. Cock Dr

    As long as she’s got access to the Sheen cash cow she’ll be fine.
    Of course she may have to take him up the backdoor from time to time to keep the cashflow constant but I doubt that’s an issue for Denise.

  5. Batu Khan

    Someone please buy this woman a McDonald’s and lock her in there for a month.

  6. Starring George Peppard as “the bell hop.”

  7. JanusUranus

    Um,I think you’re being followed by an incognito Ethan Hawke.

  8. j/k

    Your calves are NOT supposed to be bigger than your thighs.

  9. Is it possible for her whole body to fall out of her uterus?

  10. Vlad

    Donations to Reverend Moon?

  11. Love her and she is still gorgeous. Charlie fucked up letting her go.

  12. gumbypokey

    how does she walk without quadriceps?

  13. Pete

    That too-dark-tan is a desperate attempt to look healthy even though she clearly is not. Isn’t anyone in her circle concerned for her health? I am.

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