1. Jon Pork

    “Did you ever see Jungle Fever?”

  2. There’s always an autistic kid in the background not saying anything with his eyes.

  3. Spike, she’s trying to go back from black. Give it a rest.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Don’t say anything racist. Don’t say anything racist. Don’t say anything racist.”

  5. Steve Irwin

    “Scheisse! Why didn’t *I* take the kids to see the damn kangaroos?”

  6. Spike: “So you like the brown sugar?”

  7. Robbie Benson!

  8. “You’re taller than me. You must be racist.”

  9. George P Burdell

    My feelings exactly

  10. Imagine Heidi Klum’s discomfort when she realized she was to be seated next to Urkel.

  11. ruckus


  12. Heidi’s expression says it all…”Not another black man.”

  13. Doug Gooden

    I don’t like sitting next to midgets either

  14. JanusUranus

    When the lady hired to shadow Spike asked Heidi to sit there with him til she came back from the bathroom ,still hadn’t returned, Heidi just knew she’d escaped out the toilet window.

  15. maruli

    I think she just watched the new Oldboy remake.

  16. But Heidi Klum was made in Bergisch Gladbach, West Germany and Spike Lee was made in Atlanta. I don’t get it…

  17. “Ms Klum, would you like to introduce us to your date?”

  18. In every photo there’s a Robbie Benson, saying it all with his eyes. And Spike agrees.
    “Look to the horizon! Fassdong!”

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