1. Jon Pork

    Somewhere in the background there’s always a postman saying it with his eyes.

  2. Cliff Clavin


  3. blerg

    The Count: “2, 2 tall men in drag, ah, ah, ah…”

  4. “I am the underminer!!”

  5. I’ve always had a boner for Judy Greer and Aisha Tyler. Damn, Chris Parnell is short.

  6. Ronaldo

    ARCHER. great show

  7. Damn, Chris Parnell makes Tom Cruise seem like Manute Bol. Mostly I just wanted to say “Manute Bol.”

  8. Guy

    “I’m a huge fan of cock and my name is … Cyrill .. Figgus …”

  9. JanusUranus

    Hey! Aisha Tyler’s parasitic twin looks just like Ernest Bourgnine!

  10. Are the men standing in holes?

  11. CK

    Looks like a little vampire is about to get some big neck.

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