1. You know how when you’re skiing and snot runs down your lip and then the wind makes it go back across your face?

  2. journalschism

    This hardworking ant colony was sad to discover the white stuff in Mr. Sheen’s nose was not sugar…

  3. Um, excuse me…Mr. Sheen? You’ve, ah, got a little something under your nose there.

  4. Wesley Snipes is out of jail already?

  5. CMK

    It’s like Wooly Willy Cocaine Edition.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    That mustache probably saw Rachel McAdams naked last night.

    Now I’m depressed.

  7. Your mustache is off….

  8. Skippy86

    Not enough face for that head.

  9. “Excuse me, sir?”
    “Are you aware that you two hairy caterpillars coming out of your nose?”
    “No. Why do you ask?”
    “No reason.”

  10. He got to get Kate Beckinsale pregnant. The man is a god to me.

  11. My great aunt Deedee has a better bitch-stache than that. Try estrogen, Sheenie boy.

  12. I think under California law, just having that stache means he has to register as a sex offender.

  13. MrG

    He’s my favorite Sheen brother.

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