1. journalschism

    “Come and get me, Timmy.”

  2. I demand her and Miranda Kerr have a naked oil wrestling match to the death. Or until I nut, whichever comes first.

  3. Cock Dr

    Kudos to the very smooth camera move using the hair to cover up the beak.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    As I look at her stomach, I wonder where the Mexican woman is who actually gave birth to her children.

  5. After pushing out 2 kids, she is still one bangable MILF!

  6. jtsquid

    Sad. She’s really let herself go. Too bad. I guess I’ll have to change my car’s name from Giselle to Miranda.

  7. She looks fucking incredible.

  8. I’ve tried squinting but the bathing suit doesn’t ever go away.

  9. lily

    I love her like this, she looks natural and far less harsh than in her high fashion shoots. what a beautiful woman!

  10. hello-belichick? its gisele.
    u have some xplaining to do.

  11. SOOC, no doubt.


  12. Urbanspaceman

    She’s a goddess, perfect in every way.

  13. Daze

    She’ll always be the no.1 model to me.

  14. AWOL

    The expression never made sense to me before now, but I would absolutely murder her vagina.

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