1. And this is the dry ice tub I freeze all my lovers in when they get too old…

  2. My agent clearly said there’d be a Dick in a box not a Chic in a box.

  3. “Time is almost up Lindsay! You’ve still got about 3/4ths of the box still filled with crack smoke! Suck harder, you could still win the valuable prize!”

  4. Joe Blow

    “I have no use for this. If you want her, Senor, she is yours.”

  5. kiolb

    are you sure the show isn’t called “El Homoguero” ?

  6. My first thought was that the container was filled with baby gravy, but if it was Ricky would be the one in there instead of the chick.

  7. Don Knotts

    “…and this is how babies are made. Isn’t that weird?”

  8. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “So I thought, I might not ALWAYS be gay. I should freeze a
    woman, just in case I get an urge.”

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