1. spikedtounge

    What did you say, Bitch?! Gurl, hold my earrings!

  2. Donald Sterling

    Just give him a couple of bucks and don’t make eye contact.

  3. Someone tried to throw a good script at him.

  4. Show me the funny. Seriously.

  5. He should consider returning that Academy Award. He’s like the Milli Vanilli of Hollywood

  6. John Mayers disease.

  7. Not a big fan, but I love those pants. More guys needs to wear those pants.

  8. they made ‘Radio 2′?

  9. Blundstones, man. Great taste in footwear.

  10. I’m glad the tax man let him out of jail.

  11. …at first, everyone thought he was just doing his tyrone biggums impersonation …then, it got sad.

  12. You’re fly’s open Mr Gooding…

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