1. Ronaldo

    Great legs

  2. Looks more like “Just Enough.”

  3. Cock Dr

    I think Candice had a sandwich or 2 this past spring. It looks good on her.
    If that’s really Candice. All we have is Photo Boy’s word for that.

  4. buzz

    Someone this hot not giving a fuck about using a dirty trashcan as a desk must willing to do some filthy things in bed.

  5. From this side she is winning me over.

  6. Okay, Swanepoel. Alright. I see you, girl. I see you.

  7. Her best angle — Down’s Syndrome face hidden, killer legs showing all the way up to her ass.

  8. Sam

    errrr..once again, I’ve been brought to a place by means of blatant word misusage. This is not an ass shot by normal standards, nevermind how far it falls short of a Candice Swanepoel ass shot. If I have to imagine what her ass might look like underneath whatever loose clothing is completely blocking it out, it’s not an ass shot. It’s just a shot. A very, boring shot, in this case.

  9. I am totally enamored with this woman.

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