1. Uhmmm I’d like to see Thora perform a re-creation of her American Beauty scene…

  2. Holy shit if they both flashed their boobs, damn, that would be awesome.

  3. Thora Birch is a singer/dancer now? That’s news to me. She still looks great, though.

    Nintendo dominated E3 btw.

  4. Daddy loves him some Thora Birch.

  5. “Fuck, I was in Ghost World with Scarlett and I was the bigger name.. Now she’s making Avengers movies and I’m doing this shit.. At least, I get another $50 if I smile!”

  6. oh no

    Thora is hot without even trying. Beautiful.

  7. There are four breasts in this picture that are begging me to fondle and kiss them. Unfortunately they are hidden beneath some clothing.

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