1. dick thunder brain doctor

    she has to look intently at an object 6 feet away. Most work she has done in 60 years.

  2. Donald Sterling

    “And can this suit of yours warn you if your son is sneaking up behind you?”

  3. The Queen prefers to wear her own camo outfit.

  4. “I see, but what button do you press to kill all the rhymes with ‘who’s'?”

  5. “This does nothing except suck up tax money so you and it have a lot in common.”

  6. “Your Majesty, do you see that pocket right there? That’s where our boys can carry necessities like ciggies, condoms, x-rated playing cards, weed, half-pints of rum, and the equivalent of £20 worth of currency from 33 different countries.”

  7. PassingTrue

    Is it Bespoke?

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