1. That is some very intricate hemming… What’s a vagina?

  2. Anonymous

    Even Barbie would have a camel toe in those shortalls

  3. Donald Sterling

    I guess I’d be mad too if someone photographed me wearing that.

  4. She knits her own outfits.

  5. That outfit comes with it’s own cameltoe.

  6. Look, a plain looking girl! You know Fish is all over her!

  7. Her grandmother is going to be pissed to find Eliza borrowing her macrame panties.

  8. You can take the hippie out of Coachella …

  9. Ummmm…I love Mexican food!

  10. oh no

    Too much texture in that knitted thing. Looks itchy, scratchy. Apparel shouldn’t exfoliate.

  11. Bishop

    It’s like she was in a rush and said, “Fuck it, I’ll just wear Grandma’s afghan!”

  12. IdDoThat

    “Does this outfit make my lips look fat?”

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