1. B&WMinstrel

    The ‘surgeon’ who did that couldn’t peel an orange.

  2. He looks like Martina Navratilova.

  3. Mr. Poop

    Diane Keaton looks pretty good.

  4. annnnnd people make millions of dollars doing this to people’s faces how???

  5. Smapdi

    Is it time for the LPGA Seniors Tour already?

  6. He should go back for ONE more cosmetic surgery…”Doc, just make me look less surprised at fucking everything”

  7. Yaar

    I really had to look at this for a few moments before I realized what I was seeing.

  8. way to turn your olympic legacy into a legacy of being a complete douchebag!

  9. ThisWillHurt

    Which bathroom did he/she use?

  10. KingDoosher

    Let’s see…..Filter…..Liquify……….Pucker.

    There you go.

  11. Alex

    Janice Dickinson has never looked better!

  12. If you think bronies are bad, you’ve obviously never seen the Lady Elaine Fairchild cosplayers.

  13. Dude looks like a lady; sorry Aerosmith :( This is gross.

  14. Just another failed product. Ronco’s spray on face.

  15. lori

    That’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

  16. Finally answered that age-old question: what would it have looked like if Jessica Walter joined the LPGA?

  17. Little Tongue

    Just a matter of time before he gets breast implants.

  18. His hair looks like it may be the original color. I wonder if his pussy hair matches.

  19. As the official Superficial spokesperson for everyone over 50, I can tell you that in his day, (1976), Bruce Jenner was cool as fuck and banged his fair share of supermodels.

    Unfortunately something happened on the way to old age because now he looks like Rene Richards, (another old person reference), and he’s banging the most hideous bitch on the planet.

  20. It takes a lot of plastic surgery to make a 63-year-old man look like a 63-year-old woman who’s never had plastic surgery.

  21. datena

    freddy krueger

  22. bill

    Why is my middle school gym teacher on TCWM?

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