1. Cameron: “Kristen! You brought a director to go down on you and Stella and didn’t bring one for me? What the fuck?”

  2. Kstew has shut the fuck up Diaz face, big time.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Isn’t that how Kristen always looks?

  4. AnnaD.

    Add SJP & you’ve got the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.

  5. Rupert Sanders can kneel on the floor of a limo and get an actress off…two if one is old, but THREE is just way too much to ask.

  6. “You two stop pretending to be dead and listen to what I’m saying!”

  7. “You two stop pretending to be dead and listen to what I have to say!”

  8. Cock Dr

    Obviously some very strong reefer was being passed around in that vehicle.

  9. Chinny

    Keep absolutely still, her vision is based on movement!

  10. Jerkface

    “OMG, Please don’t make me look at Cameron’s face again, PLEASE…..”

  11. ScotlandThe Brave

    If they look like that on the way TO the gala, what did they look like after it?

  12. WTF is Eric Roberts doing in a car with Stella and Kristen?

  13. CK


  14. Either I’m just too cynical today, or damn near every person in showbiz is absolutely full of shit. I’m leaning towards the latter.

  15. Laugh all you want, but guided masturbation might as well be therapy.

  16. KStew

    Fingerbang chain. The new and, clearly, improved massage chain.

  17. “The massage feature in these car seats are AMAZING!”
    “I think mine is broken! Someone trade seats with me!”

  18. “The massage feature in these car seats is AMAZING!”
    “Oh yeah…”
    “Someone trade with me. I think mine is broken.”

  19. Thought bubble — Kristen Stewart: “For god’s sake, why can’t these two dried up old battle axes just shut the fuck up!”

  20. tlmck

    Who says blondes have more fun?

  21. Pete

    Cameron Diaz looks like my great aunt who is 63.

  22. Ryan the Canadian

    Cameron looks like Dorian Tyrell in ‘The Mask’ when he puts on the mask.

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