1. “Damn girl! You look good enough to beat the shit out of and leave for dead.”

  2. “Imma do MY thing and kill dis bitch.”

  3. “Hey gurl… I got a new phone. Wanna see it?”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    He actually picked a jacket that matches how he sees things whenever someone peeps his phone, parks in his spot, requires him to pay parking, wins a Grammy instead of him, breathes near him, etc.

  5. “I’m conflicted. She’s got a nice ass, but she looks like she might be the kind of girl who hits back.”

  6. Later

    “I’d hit that”… yeah.. i went there, deal with it

  7. Is it too public for me to say “Dat ASS!”? Naw… Dat ASS!

  8. Looks like the precogs finally started seeing sexual assaults.

  9. The Pope

    “Imma hit that later…maybe even fuck it too if she’s lucky.”

  10. “C’mon, baby, set that purse down and then turn the other way for just a second or two…”

  11. Pine Table Fever

    This guy is an utter cunt and a disgrace to the human race in general.

  12. Jenn

    Another one I’d be into knife-ing not wife-ing. Damn!

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