1. B&WMinstrel

    My advice Fish, is whatever pictures the IT guy says he has let him go ahead and publish them. It’ll be over in a day and you’ll have your life back.

  2. In my brain that only thinks in porn terms, this scene is about to get really fucking sexy.

  3. BP

    Are they filming the Jason Collins menage a trois scene….

  4. So…. She read the Kris Jenner How-to-Whore manual?

  5. “Woo hoo! I’m with the guy who doesn’t give or receive blowjobs from other guys!”

  6. JennywithaY

    “Oh, sure, he was hesitant in the beginning, but now I just dangle it out there – yeah, just like this – and just like that, I’ve suddenly got Bieber Fever if you know what I’m saying!”

  7. I wanna be on the beach with 2 hot dudes :-/

  8. Just now, all the phones in Hell are ringing…

  9. “I don’t k now what these guys are planning, but whatever it is, I’m good to go! WooooHoooo!”

  10. lori

    Pasty, white anorexics rule! Yeah!

  11. Yeah, there is something seriously wrong with this bitch, OK.

  12. littlebitch

    Bitch, I can see your liver.

  13. lily

    Wow, her body is friggin amazing!!!! That flat stomach is insane, but she still is curvy and feminine. so jealous.

  14. Pete

    Damn, she used to be so much hotter a few years ago when she had more curves…..was pretty much prefection. Why do women always think it’s a good idea to starve themselves until their bones are popping out all over?

    • she still has curves. look at the S shape her body makes..perky ass and strong thighs. I hate how any woman who is fit and toned gets accused of starving herself…just cause she is muscular and has better abs than most men, naturally you people will hate on her.

      • derp

        You can be “fit” and underweight. She is underweight.

      • Noone’s hating on her because she’s muscular. We’re hating on her because girl doesn’t need an x-ray to see her internal organs.

      • Pete

        Hey lily, we all have our preferences. What the hell do you care that I PREFERED her when she was a little softer and had a bit more weight on her? You telling me that something’s wrong with me because I don’t think it’s attractive when bones stick out of a woman? Wow, you must be one angry, man-hating anorexic.

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