1. If this is “working out”, I’ll happily die fat and unwell, knowing I made the right choice.

  2. Jason Statham doesn’t take any shit…

  3. Huh … I always thought “tap someone on the shoulder” meant something different.

  4. Whatever he’s doing is working. Hugh looks great. Like a beast.

  5. fred

    Ahh, the mushroom stamp position. One of the more difficult yoga moves.

  6. I’ve tried that. You’re never gonna reach it man. Trust me.

  7. Marketing Mike

    You can’t fool me.
    The guy on top is aiming in the wrong direction.

  8. Nobody tea bags the Wolverine. Nobody.

  9. Aw, yeah! Stretch that hamstring until you hear the muscle fibres tear! Feel the burn!

  10. “…As you stretch out your muscles, you may feel a little prick.”

  11. Weird place for a vagina.

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