1. It must suck when your 50 year old mom is 10 times hotter than you.

  2. JimBB

    Come on mom, I’ve set you up with a playdate with Madonna.

  3. alex

    I can’t decide which one is more embarrassed.

  4. George P Burdell

    “Hold on, Ashton. There people with cameras are still taking my picture.”
    “C’mon, Mom. Casper Smart is inside with the coke and your vodka.”

  5. Is actually embarrassed by her offspring? (:

  6. “C’mon, mom, let’s go get our picture taken!”

    “Noooooooo, this is embarrassing!”

  7. after a three day coke binge, it’s hard to unclench the teeth.

  8. Chaz

    Nice to Demi and Bruce getting along again.

  9. Hopalong

    It’s so sad when they’re blinded by their shattered career and have to be led around by a service animal.

  10. I didn’t know Bruce and Demi got back together. Does Bruce’s pregnant wife know about this?

  11. fred

    Demi has that “Yes, I know that all of my kids are brutally ugly so stop telling me about it already” look on her face.

  12. icu

    “It’s a shame about the face..”
    “Yeah, Rumer got the short end of the stick in the looks department.”
    “I meant Demi.”

  13. Goddamn hair looked like boobs in the thumbnail…

  14. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Someone tell Demi that the hair and sunglasses combo is awfully close to Ozzy’s look.

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