1. Dammit, Photo Boy. Just dammit.

  2. Kim K. in ten years.

  3. I wonder if they’re real. Or any of her, for that matter.

  4. Spleen

    Jesus, it looks like Micky Rourke in drag.

  5. You can’t spell “Orangutan” without “ang”.

  6. So how’d she get her nickname?

  7. big anglo

    imagine her playboy spread.

    Hobbies: Chain fights, fucking carnies, taking dumps on people’s lawns.

  8. Steven Tyler is really starting to freak me the fuck out.

  9. God dammit! WTF… WHY THIS AND THE COCO BEAST???

    I would rather put a gun in my mouth.

  10. I’m just waiting for Zaloog to post about how she’s really not that bad.

  11. Quinn L

    is that the Kim K wannabe, Myla Sinag?

  12. Jesus Christ, this woman makes me physically shudder every time her picture comes up. Just harpoon her ass, drag her back into the ocean, and be done with her.

  13. fred

    We may finally have a “no” answer to the age old question, “If you bolted a rack on it, would ya hit it?”

  14. What the actual fuck?

  15. Really...?

    Great disguise Big Pussy. Nobody will ever find you in witsec looking like this. Nobody. Ever.

  16. Is this somebody?

  17. I told Mickey Rourke and Coco not to play with the teleporter pods

  18. j/k

    Dog the bounty hunter just got a boner.

  19. tlmck

    I see Uncle Miltie is still at it.

  20. WHO and WHAT is this…mmm…person?

  21. Goodyear makes clothes now ?

  22. PassingTrue

    Apparently “ang” is a synonym for “dear mother of God, what the hell is that”

  23. renotastic

    Lorenzo Lamas in five years.

  24. typical Brooklyn broad.

    • yes, replying to myself, I was intrigued by this photo, found out she is on a show called ‘Mob Wives” and this lady is actually one delightful broad. I would like to have dinner with her and nuzzle in her bosom when I’m sad.

  25. Jesse

    What in the hell species is this?

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