1. dennis

    She must be hunting for a rich old geezer. No one would purposely wear the material for lining coffins as often as she does and call it fashion.

  2. JimBB

    No really, I made it myself out of dollies.

  3. Where’d the gut come from?

  4. Really...?

    I’d still eat her snatch like it was ice cream. On a hot day.

  5. gumbypokey

    Ms Ordinary McNothingspecial.

  6. Marketing Mike

    She’s in her teens, she can stop eating for a week and do a Bikini
    shoot. Three days after the shoot she looks like this again.

    Kate eats like your average teenager, Victoria Secret models peel
    the skin off of steamed rice. It will all catch up with her…

  7. PassingTrue

    Not everybody can get away with wearing a hotel towel and a lace table cloth.

  8. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    I like the idea of a “SuperBoobs” character, Marvel comics, but the outfit has got to go.

  9. I swear I’ve seen this on People of Walmart,
    although it was an old man, and lime green instead of white.

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