1. My grandfather used to get that face when he crapped his pants.

  2. George P Burdell

    Tell Barack I’ll call him right back.

  3. JimBB

    Dirty Diaper Harry

  4. I hope he’s directing.

  5. “I had a butterscotch in this pocket. What happened to it? Goddamn Obama! Always taking my- Oh, other pocket.”

  6. “Get offa that chair! That’s Barack Obama!”

  7. fred

    “Oh nelly, I’m having a hot time tonight,” thought Clint after noticing the Golden Corral across the street.

  8. “You gotta ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well? do y–Oops, I shit myself.”

  9. Veronika Larsson

    You know, what’s really interesting about the above commenters is this:

    Clint Eastwood is 83 years old.

    And on his worst day, he could kick the hell out of any one of you.

    • Marketing Mike

      Clint still makes more money in one day,
      than 99% of us make in an entire year.
      Just something to consider…

    • Oh bull fucking shit. First of all he is a fucking actor, the shit he does in movies is not real life, grow the fuck up. He is 83 fucking years old, he is not kicking anyone’s ass. Start living in the real fucking world.

      • My money’s on Clint

      • Really? Why don’t you challenge Eastwood to a fistfight? What’s wrong, scared…punk?

        He’ll kick your ass and then steal your wallet and use it to buy Geritol.

      • And what’s *really* sad is I’m guessing it wouldn’t be your first time getting your ass kicked by a senior citizen….

      • …clint was my first old-guy role model …he’s been an avid weight-lifter & fitness nut all his life, and has a rep as a bit of a badass in real life …i mean, check out ‘blood work’ (2002), the dude was 71 and still doing some of his own stunts …i think if he caught you slippin’, his 83 year old ass might put you down.

  10. allonzo


  11. How do his pants stay up?

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