1. My guess: pornstar?

  2. George P Burdell


  3. They’re getting nuclear physics PhDs to sell cars now?

  4. JimBB

    Any relation to Honey Boo-Boo?

  5. Marketing Mike

    I’d like to get to know her, but she looks like a 5k a night girl.
    She’s probably a little too “advanced” for my tastes…

    • $5K a night? What kind of fucking sad fuck would pay $5K a night to fuck some chick, especially this one? Go to a bar, spend $20-$50 on drinks on some chick, if you can’t get laid for less than $100, kill yourself.

  6. Cutshaw

    She was or maybe is a Kevin & Bean (KROQ morning show) spokesmodel, crowned in their annual Miss Double-D-ecember contest.

  7. Honey BooBoo in 10 years

  8. Wait, where’s the water?

  9. She does very little for me, but she does have a spectacular ass!

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