1. This is like an ass buffet no one ordered….

  2. alex

    How many times a day do you think she has surgery?

  3. George P Burdell

    When Ice T mysteriously disappears, I know where the should start the search.

  4. Cock Dr

    Eyes cannot unsee the pussy pouch.

  5. All this picture is missing is a set of old-timey round barbells. Shoved up her ass.

  6. yawn. If you still want our attention at this point, just send us pics of your next gyno exam, Shamu.

  7. That’s actually a pair of plain cotton granny panties.

    …still think horrific giant asses are cool, kids?

  8. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  9. fred

    These are the last two pictures before it was led into the slaughterhouse.

  10. She uploads so many pictures of her at photo shoots, but I never see the finished photos. Does the photoshop team just give up after working 10 hours straight on one picture and just delete them all when they find out that any photoshop just makes her look even more absurd?

  11. She’s beautiful. I’d dive face first into that pussy pouch. So sexy.

  12. I can smell the STDs thru my monitor

  13. bernard

    you’re all just scared!
    I’d jump that shit in a second
    be the happiest man to have a heart-attack
    climbing that to the ends of the earth
    how can you not think of anything but sex when you see her?
    isn’t that a good thing?

  14. …i’m not afraid to admit i audibly gasped (in the best way possible) when this photo appeared …this woman haunts my dreams.

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