1. It had to be said

    OK, Now turn your head and cough. HA! Just kidding, you don’t have a hernia. Although I now have an STD on my hand . . .

  2. Cock Dr

    She has drugs in a body cavity somewhere.
    Someone page TSA agent Dyke Stinkfinger.

  3. fapappy

    how a full body scanner gets the herps..

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Face looks like a dude from the side.

  5. chopped75

    Apparently the skank detector was broken!

  6. We’ve already seen her skill in sausage hiding…

  7. Raerae

    Not pictured: Paris begging TSA to do a full body cavity search

  8. The two TSA agents behind her are awaiting word from their supervisor as they both refused to do a search without hazard pay or HAZMAT suits.

  9. whiskeyafternoon

    is this the new mandatory armpit shaving station? I’ve read about this new TSA security measure.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Dissatisfied with the results of the first photo of her full body scanning TSA adventure, Paris asked for a retake!

  11. “Ma’am, we asked you to place all carry-on luggage on the coveyor belt.”
    “I did.”
    “Then what is this I’m looking at on the scanner?”
    “(duh) My vagina.”
    “You’re gonna have to empty it.”
    “But my plane leaves in an hour.”

  12. tlmck

    When I stand on my tiptoes, does it make my boobs look bigger?


  13. Little Turtle Head

    looking at this just gave me an instant hard on…

  14. Jovy

    She looks just like this german soldier that used to come on base and flirt with me. His name was Jon. I’m a little worried.

  15. Watch out! She’s carrying a snuke!

  16. The TSA is carrying out Operation Hot Dog in a Hallway on unsuspecting celebrities.

  17. JMS

    I wonder how many balloons of gum they found in the caviety search.

  18. billlabong021

    She’s on her tip-toes.

  19. cc

    Pay particular attention to her head…plenty of room in there for God knows what.

  20. Seat Filler

    why is she on her tip toes?

    • Keith Chegwin

      because the last time she was in that pose she had a noose around her neck and a gun in her face.

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