1. rough smacked

    Whats the obsession with this guy?

  2. It had to be said

    Horseback riding is legal in NYC? Oh, wait.

  3. Cock Dr

    Even the midget is wearing a scarf. What is it with this dreadful trend?

  4. Richard McBeef

    Jesus fucking christ that dog is HUGE!

  5. Deacon Jones

    This guy tries too hard.

  6. DiddyK

    Who’s cereal did this paps sh!t in to get stuck covering Peter Dink-whateverthef#ckhisnameis…

  7. adolf hitler

    anyones kid missing a lego man?

  8. hbw

    Looks like someone confused Latin Kings with Little Kings…

  9. New York is so pretentious…even the dogs have seeing eye midgets.

  10. g-moonie

    Something tells me this ends with a bachelorette party and him making $250 bucks.

  11. gumpadump

    He’s an actor and has been in some great roles. His current role is on Game of Thrones and he’s about the most entertaining thing besides the sex and violence.

    • Zicka

      You could’ve pared that down to..

      He’s a midget on a show that also shows lezzie sex. Pretty good show.

  12. justuhbill

    Why is he wearing a 2 year old boy’s Batman Underoos on his head?

  13. If the dog goes to the bathroom, how on earth is he expected to lift it?

  14. Ismoss

    The dog has to bend down to sniff his crotch.

  15. whiskeyafternoon

    the economy is in dire straits indeed when dogs are opening up man-walking businesses.

  16. Rabbit

    OMG! He’s a midget! ROFL

  17. The Critical Crassness

    Must be time for the weekly, “Dog Walks his Midget Report”.

  18. ad nasuem

    He’s a god-damn Lannister! He and that dog can’t be trusted.

  19. Mark R

    Just because there’s a pic of this guy available every few days walking his dog, doesn’t mean we need to see it. Jesus, dude, your life isn’t easy enough? Get the lead out of your ass already.

    P.S. nobody cares about Snookie as much as you do either. NOBODY.

  20. That is one beautiful Clydesdale.

  21. Sin

    Want to see the pics of where that dog literaly turns the midget into his bitch.

  22. Garrett

    Is it gonna be like a reverse “Vacation” movie situation if that dog ever sees a squirrel? “Poor little guy… Probably kept up for a mile or so…”

  23. Jovy

    Shortest Crip ever

  24. cc

    He played all the Ewoks simultaneously. That’s Oscar material, if you ask me.

  25. “Yo dog, I heard you like Dinklage, so we got a Dinklage to take you out on a walk so you can do your Dinklage on that fire hydrant.”

  26. Peter Dinklage walking his sweet old dog is pure joy! And the dog knows he could take him in a fight.

  27. cc

    He looks pretty good for a guy that was abruptly yanked from Paris Hilton’s vagina and unceremoniously dumped into an airport garbage bin.

  28. Elle

    Small Man, big dog. Made me laugh.

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