1. It had to be said

    If Tori Spelling would’ve taken the advice of her plastic surgeons THIS is EXACTLY how she would look.

  2. theboner

    those are some nice boobs…yes i know they are fake, but at least they look good

  3. Canadianhouseguest

    Is this the chick who was complaining about people on DWTS commenting on her tits?

    Okay…um, nice, uh, nice papasan.

  4. How the hell does one person look simultaneously skeletal AND chunky? From her neck up, she’s anorexic, but the chest down she’s getting chubby.

  5. The Critical Crassness

    Compared to her former housemate, Holly is still Playmate material. Of course, so is the little topless granny in the Playboy cartoons, when compared to Kendra..

  6. I would eat razor blades out of her asshole.

  7. Just a Guy

    She looks Perfect!

  8. Bluto


  9. karen

    *GASP* “Ok, how long was that?”

  10. Ted

    …she hid age well…in her tummy…for as long as she didn’t exhale.

  11. I’m afraid to ask what she is about to do that she needs a drop cloth that size for.

  12. cc

    She should really wash her hands after defecating…look at those nails!

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