1. Kevin W

    She’s one of the hottest things going but those sunglasses are not flattering on her.

    • polk

      Dude, she is braless and you are commenting on her SUNGLASSES?

      • Any Guy

        exactamundo. me thinks Kev may be a little fabulicious. those pinch-able purple nip-nips eclipse all else in this photo. she could have no eyeballs in her sockets for fuck’s sake.

  2. It had to be said

    No bra until Jeter gets to 3,000 hits, 300 stolen bases. Intentional walk boys, intentional walk.

  3. Richard McBeef

    she looks like alexandra ambrossio if she was on sandwiches.

  4. I can see her minkas perking up…which is great because it keeps my attention off her Brook Hogan manface.

  5. Who said purple nurples were a bad thing?

  6. anonym

    she’s got a bit of a horse face. her nose looks permanently pinched.

    and her tits aren’t a good shape either

  7. The Critical Crassness

    Jesus! The bitch has nipples. so what? So do almost all of the woman on the face of the planet.

  8. hobo killer

    Why is she so hot??? She has a 5 head, bad nose job, fuucked up chin, ugly little tits and no ass! Oh yeah, because Hollywood is filled with a bunch of morons.

    • Jovy

      and your forgetting that the only reason she’s even on this website is because fish likes women with bullet holes in their faces.

  9. Bucky Barnes

    Minka: “You ain’t a-nothin’ but a hound dog! Thank-ya, thank-ya verra much!”

  10. PatinNJ

    Actually, she’s fairly hot for a beard.

  11. Huey Lewis called. He wants his chin back.

  12. That’s weird… the more her nipples stick out, the further the dimple in her chin goes in.

  13. Arzach

    I just got a massive boner

  14. Knippy

    The war on bras got another one.

  15. cc

    My salivary glands are working overtime now.

  16. hobo killer

    All you idiots that are fawning over this slag, you might want to stop wanking off and pretend you’re doing some work in your home office. I hear your fat wife in her moo moo coming down the hallway. She will be pissed if she catches you.

  17. Dave Mustaine

    Picture her bald. That chin and nose are not flattering.

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