1. Short FB!

    He’s trying so hard to hold it in.

  2. Carolyn

    What a dork. Both of them actually.

  3. Johnny P!

    Looks like a comic R. Crumb would have drawn.

  4. She’s considered attractive by black men.

  5. EricLr

    I’m guessing they didn’t meet in grad school.

  6. j/k

    Still gay

  7. DeucePickle

    Ima get all these white girls pregnant

  8. MarkM

    Filming her new music video “I got raped by a black thug, and I liked it!”

  9. narcissisticbtch

    she has no neck !

  10. Crissy

    So nice of him to surprise this “make-a-wish dying midget!”

  11. cc

    Woman find it irresistible when you yank on their bikini strings.

  12. Craig Listington

    In the morning, Bristol Palin will regret saying children should have both a mom and a dad.

  13. Lita

    That chick looks like a Barbie after the neck knob fell off so you had to push her head all the way down her neck so her head wouldn’t fall off.

  14. brit

    All your women – even the butterfaces – belong to us.

  15. K-Tron

    Am I witnessing a sex crime here?

  16. Joe

    You gonna get raped.

  17. Frank The Duck

    Which one is Ne-yo?

  18. dontlooknow

    Aw, that’s a nice photo of Ne-yo and his Mom….

  19. Wow, she looks so uncomfortable. That forced smile is painful.

  20. The brave women who championed for equality must be so proud.

  21. Aerys

    He’s pulling some brunette girls hair. I would be so pissed if that was my hair.

  22. kimmykimkim

    This is absolutely terrifying.

  23. lily

    LOL black men love white women.

  24. OG Mudbone

    WOW…i bet her daddy is beaming with pride

  25. Colonel Angus

    He got that white man overbite.

  26. tlmck

    “You better come across with the 10 Benjamins or this smile is going away quick chump.”

  27. anny_nonomous

    She literally looks like putty in his hands.

  28. “OPEN FIRE…and try not to hit the woman.”

  29. yeuk

    omg this picture is so horrible

  30. Johnny Wadd

    purple crayon attention whore

  31. SSHGuru

    Wow Sarah Jessica Parker has really improved her body.

  32. Cadillac Jack

    where are the crips when you actually need them?

  33. dooood

    is that the chick from tosh who was goin around the world getting laid?

  34. Bigalkie

    Her parents are so proud.

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