1. Short FB!

    His fucking iPhone commercial.

  2. Johnny P!

    I love how he brings his “Mad Scientist Lab Assistant” everywhere with him.

  3. Colin

    He made one mistake when he did RED: he went full retard.

  4. EricLr

    I made a poop on the plane all by myself!!

  5. Oddly everybody, looks similar to Malkovich, and they are all carrying tiny versions of himself within the luggage, and those tiny versions, are carrying action figures of Malkovich.

  6. neo_v

    Siri, WTF am I?

  7. He’s being followed by elderly James Franco.

  8. MarkM

    Franks and Beans!

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The sun’s been shining for three days straight now in Dublin and I’d have to say, compared to everyone else, he’s pretty well dressed

  10. Grand Poobah

    Looks like 6 old bags in one picture!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Brown Streak

    I always wondered what Napoleon Dynamite’s dad looked like.

  12. cc

    Everyone off the short bus!

  13. Contusion

    He really is turning into weird grandpa.

  14. tits mcgee

    It’s Spock with the body of a fat dyke.

  15. Jade

    Mamma said to stay right here and wait for her.

  16. LooneyToon

    simple jack

  17. I mean, who stands like that?!

  18. There is no doubt he went full retard.

  19. Humphries

    Pinky and the Brain

  20. You never go full retard! DAMMIT Malkovich, you KNOW that!

  21. I thought it was Max Gail on chemo.

  22. tlmck

    Nope. Nothing gay about this picture.

  23. HawaiianZ

    1st annual Aging Hipster Savant Travel Society event.

  24. Is this what happens when the kids from Rugrats grow up?

  25. Loving the fat gay homeless tramp cancer victim on Steriods look

  26. Bigalkie

    After a horrific car crash, John Malkovitch’s legs were sew back on sideways.

  27. vancouver

    now rocking an even larger pvc/hemp purse….

  28. Bops

    I’ve been waiting for the sequel to Rainman for awhile

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