1. Johnny P!

    Ripe melons in a snug hammock…

  2. Not pictured: Black microphone

  3. cc

    Did you see the circus act where the lion puts his head in her mouth?

  4. rantatonne


  5. The Brown Streak

    Well, imagine that…Andy was right. They do feel like sandbags!

  6. CK

    “Ice goes in here.”

  7. R.

    Haha, square boobs

  8. Jack Ketch

    Ugliest. Implants. Ever. How can she possibly be proud of these Frankentits ??

  9. JC

    “That guy masturbating furiously in the bushes outside of my house was named Tony?”

  10. Every way, in every hole.

  11. Blech

    Her pie hole matches her boob gap.

  12. I simply cannot believe this never used to be a man.

  13. “Plastics, son. That’s where the money is.”

  14. lily


  15. tlmck

    It’s nice they make blow up dolls for the blind.

  16. lahope


  17. The plastic surgeon made that boob gap so Coco would have a place to stash her lunch.

  18. King Diamond

    So talented it hurts.

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