1. cc

    Historians will note that in her formative years, she had a remarkably shapely behind.

  2. MarkM

    “And look, when I put my old, veiny hands next to my huge boobs, it’s like they disappeared…It’s a trick I learned while banging Hans Klok!”

  3. Is that the Khloe(tm) brand Black microphone? Large Black and ridiculously furry?

  4. Cock Dr

    Thanks for the Mammaries

  5. The Brown Streak

    “…and then he went into this phone booth and started taking off his clothes like this. I mean that was just so rude! And then the other guy who was already in there was so pissed off he literally just flew out of the phone booth…and I mean literally flew out. FWOOOM! Like that! What an a-hole!”

  6. Grand Poobah

    The belly is a really nice touch with the pleated style skirt, I guess she hasn’t been doing much cheerleading and working out as of late

    The tatt really adds to the White Trash look

  7. Contusion

    She only showed up because she thought “an intimate evening with David Foster and Friends” meant she was gonna get gang banged.

  8. Lita

    No, that can’t be right. She doesn’t look like a complete crack addicted whore.

  9. Jade

    “They used to be up here. Then as gravity took over, they moved in a downward motion.”

  10. DS78


  11. Worst. Comments. Ever.

  12. CranAppleSnapple

    She’s trying to rub her nipples. Sad.

  13. tlmck

    “The 11th set of boobs I had were up here see, and they just didn’t look right.”

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