1. Frugal Gourmet

    Woman from ‘Hey Vern, It’s Ernest’ tv show sans neckbrace.

  2. Johnny P!

    “Oh, fuuuuck… someone saw me looking like this”.

  3. Doctor_Joystick

    Christ, the last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.

  4. Vandinz


  5. So I guess we all know what Emperor Palpatine looks like on vacation.

  6. I think I see the icy hand of death creeping in from the right.

  7. cc

    She folds her hat like that so she can leave her ear exposed. When you are married to Ozzy Osbourne, you need to have the babel fish ready at all times.

  8. MarkM

    Well, at least now it’s obvious how her and Ozzy have gotten along for all this time!

  9. The Brown Streak

    Once he started smoking, it was revealed that Ozzy had actually died 5 years ago, and was replaced by a remote control android.

  10. IbePiglet

    Steven Tyler in drag.

  11. Botox blowout. Or grouper DNA.

  12. tlmck

    Yup. That’s Ozzie in drag.

  13. DeucePickle

    Going off the rails with a crazy face

  14. Bigalkie

    Julian not my son. Sean my son. he get all John’s money.

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