1. This is obviously a contest to see who can get a girl off the street hooked on drugs and naked for a photo-shoot faster…

  2. Johnny P!

    They do say there’s “someone for everyone”…

  3. What a couple of fucking shitheads!

  4. Your move Johnny Depp.

  5. cc

    In a minute, you’ll see the part where I pull the hat over his eyes and shove him into traffic.

  6. Skip Ridiculous

    So who are the other leads in the new Douchevengers movie?

  7. Terry is doing god’s work. Keep getting those women to pose naked.

  8. Raoul

    “Well, Disick?”

  9. lily

    ewww to both of them.

  10. HawaiianZ

    “So Terry, if I stand over therrrre…and replace this hat with more ridiculous one…and maybe wear capri pants…hmmm…I think I’ll be able to out-douche even myself…”

    “Awful ambitious of you. But what the hell, give it a whirl.”

  11. El Jefe

    Two of the biggest pieces of shit ever.

  12. Swearin

    It’s like a private eye and his trusty sidekick, only with creepiness and more statutory rape

  13. Someone told me there would be at least one picture in today’s blog that I wouldn’t give a shit about. I think this must be the one…


  14. Crissy

    So this is Terry’s new piece! Nice! Perverts!

  15. Bigalkie

    I don’t know how you’ll ever pull this off but the scripts calls for you to play a slimey, scuzzy, scrawny homo hustler. You’ll win an oscar if you can hit that Jared!

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