1. Where's Dildo

    Taylor: Crap! Play Dead. Amanda Bynes just sat down and it’s vision is based on movement.
    F-Buddy of Taylor: We’d be invisible in your bedroom…
    Taylor: …
    Amanda Bynes: RAWR! *Murders Vagina*

  2. JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST! Taylor Lautner has his mouth closed. I expect a hail of frogs will be next.

  3. Batu Khan

    Man, I’m so tired of that dick four seats over. Keeps running his mouth how high-energy particles cannot generate a true vacuum… Oh, look, hot dog!

  4. Although friends insisted it was completely unnecessary, Taylor opted for the “Polanski” method of female seduction.

  5. Fish’s description is as good as it’s gonna get here.

  6. Must be the Douche section.

  7. From his expression and the Bulls hat, he is probably thinking to himself “This is the worst basketball game I have ever seen!”

  8. iamahomelessman

    The only type of person who can tolerate how boring he is: a dead person.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    The look of a girl who just realized she wasted the past 3 hours of her life with a guy who would rather look at some dude/any dude in the crowd.

  10. “She’s dead. You killed her. Hail to Dorothy…err, Taylor! The Wicked Witch is dead…DAMN…I mean the scrawny, titless little blonde chick is dead.”

  11. Freebie

    Now that the Twilight movies are over (thank goodness), will Taylor fade away (and take Kristen and Rob with him)? They certainly can’t act.

  12. Swearin

    She must’ve been Team Edward

  13. Tata

    Is this guy still relevant?

  14. cc

    Sad thing is she doesn’t even know him and he STILL almost bored her to death.

  15. Arzach

    Girl : Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill me, Kill meeeeeee!

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