1. “Aren’t you guys a little old to be telling gay jokes?”
    “No sir, we are not. This is The Superficial, where gay jokes is still a guaranteed freedom…”

  2. And then I placed my hand under Tom’s balls and felt the Thetans release.

  3. Keno

    “Where did Tom go? He was just standing on my hand. I hate when he does that…”

  4. Not all busboys and waiters are immigrants, Jeremy.

  5. “Well…Here we go again!…” – every eighties situation comedy

  6. “The fucker promised me a five dollar tip for getting his car…I can’t believe he stiffed me. God DAMN Tom Cruise!”

  7. “really? I can’t explain my popularity either”

  8. “Okay, Invisible Kareem Abdul Jabar, now I’m going to ask you to cough.”

  9. cc

    What an idiot…someone takes an entire tray of hors d’oeuvre away from him and he doesn’t notice.

  10. Ana

    I feel like this photo needs to be appropriately lined up with the one of Candice’s butt.

  11. C’mon, give it a wiff…it don’t smell like no vaGINa…

  12. Allion

    What is with his face?

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