1. micheal keaton? yer bullshittin.

  2. CrashHell

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to rivers, you know, and lakes you’re used to…

  3. What the fuu… Well, it’s still better than “Batman and Robin”.

  4. tlmck

    Well the sign does say “RAISE PLOW AHEAD”.

  5. The Asylum’s “The Man of Steel” mockbuster?

  6. “Can you see the wires? You can see the wires, can’t you??”

  7. I’m an idea man Chuck, I get ideas, sometimes I get so many ideas that I can’t even fight them off! OK, here’s an example. Watch out, stand back. [speaks into tape recorder]
    This is Bill. Idea to get to work faster: Zip lines. You see, you hop on a zip line from your apartment.’re zippin’ right to the front door at work. Save money on gas, get to work in under a minute!

  8. Words I saw in this picture include: “gay crane, raise plow, and absurd.”

  9. So…his name is “plow”?

  10. Are they making a live action “The Dark Knight Returns”?

  11. Is this the rapture?

  12. “Fucking New York…I STILL don’t see any open parking spots…”

  13. Freebie

    Wow – Michael Keaton has gotten old.

  14. This movie has the worst special effects. I can totally see the cables.

  15. cc

    So long as he doesn’t play ‘Piano Man’.

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